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 Luxury Enterprise Partners are exclusive companies that fit our clients need for luxury accommodations, hospitality, and transportation.

Luxury Enterprise Partnership

Travel & Hospitality

Global HR Partnership

The Global HR Partnership™ develop partnerships with corporate Human Resources and solitary enterprisers, specifically related to personal assistant and industry personnel employment by recruiting or training personal assistants to match your employee's profile and occupational needs. Allowing companies to alleviate challenges for their employees associated with time management and work-overload.  Our partners will no longer worry about time-consuming searches.

[Employment is permanent, and staffing is outsourcing without HR responsibility and employee liability]

Suited for Small & Large Organizations

Global HR Partnership

Personal Assistant Employment

LME Direct Assist™

LME Direct Assist™ is an on-demand solution for occupants and lease holders in commercial or residential buildings. Providing concierge and/or a team of personal assistants exclusively for your property, will enhance the luxury and convenience your occupants value. Offering reliable support to your occupants and lease holders will extend your relationship down the line.


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On-demand solution for commercial & residential occupants

LME Direct Assist™

Residential & Commercial Real Estate

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